Industrial electronics are a great tool for the manufacturing floor. They allow you to operate more accurately and automate a large amount of the production process. Even some electronics may be used to monitor and support other devices.
But just like any other piece of machinery, electronics are likewise susceptible to errors and failures. It might also be challenging to know what to do with your devices when they cease working. They are intricate and difficult to fix due to the same qualities that make them so accurate and effective on the job. 
 NPE  provides testing and repair services for an array of industrial electronic equipment and keep you informed throughout the whole process.

Not all electronic repairs need to follow the same requirements.

What Repair Services for Industrial and Commercial Electronics Do We Offer?


Cleaning and chemical wash

Dirt, dust, and humidity easily cause damage to electronic devices and equipment, resulting in corrosion. Cleaning and removing dust and dirt off of an electronic device, along with operating a regular checkup and service can benefit this perform effectively and durably.


 At NPE we offer preventative maintenance check and  service to ensure any type of machinery rarely breaks down. Refurbishment or replacement can then be ongoing and the end user is always happy. We are also offering sustainability reviews for any business/factory/establishment that has electronic equipment.


Please contact us for any configuration requirements, such as AC drives, DC drives, or a new human-machine interface (HMIs). We also support data backups from your working devices

 On-Site Electronic Repair



You can't usually send the machinery at your factory out for maintenance. We come to you with on-site servicing of industrial equipment of all sorts and sizes to provide the relief you require. We can send the engineers, machinists, and other specialists you require to correctly fix your equipment exactly where it is after a quick discussion.

Electronic Equipment


Emergency Repair Services




When your equipment breaks down, you need immediate assistance. You lose money with every second of downtime, which counts as a serious emergency.
Therefore, NPE provides you with a full-service emergency repair programme for industrial equipment that sends professionals to your sites around-the-clock, every day of the year. Our expert emergency repair service crew is standing by to travel to your location and provide industrial equipment maintenance and repairs immediately.