Industrial Power Supply (PSU) Repair Service 


Introduction to Industrial Power Supply

Power supplies are an essential component of any electrical system, providing the necessary voltage and current to power the circuit. There are three main types of power supplies: linearly regulated, unregulated, and switching. Ripple-regulated power supplies are a newer form of power supply.
AC and DC power supplies are available, with the voltage adjustable using knobs or switches.
Inside the power supply, components such as a transformer, rectifier diodes, filters, and voltage regulator diodes or transistors work together to provide the correct voltage and current to the circuit.
No matter the type of power supply, they are all designed to provide the necessary voltage and current to power the circuit. With the right power supply, any circuit can be powered efficiently and safely.
 CUINC power supply


Industrial Power Supply (PSU) Repair Service


NPE  provides power supply unit repair service for all type of electronics from 40w to 2kw.
Any PSU repaired or serviced by us goes through a full refurbishment. All components are replaced and often upgraded. 



    Comprehensive PSU Repair Services for Optimal Performance"



Complete refurbishments and improvements of wearing parts
Changing capacitors, isolators, relays,  cooling fans, and analogue switches
Testing with programmable dynamic loads
PSU on test Thermal image capture Static load test up to


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