"Expert Frequency Drive Repair Services in Newcastle upon Tyne: Fast, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Industrial Needs"

Frequency drive repair service is a specialized electronic repair service that focuses on industrial repair. It is a highly technical field that requires a deep understanding of the electronic components and systems that make up a frequency drive.
Our team of experienced engineers  have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair any issue with a frequency drive.
We offer a comprehensive range of services, from troubleshooting to full replacement and installation. Our service is fast, reliable and cost-effective, ensuring that your frequency drive is repaired quickly and efficiently.
With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your frequency drive repair service will be completed to the highest standard.
For many years, NPE has repaired frequency drives and soft starters. We have extensive experience fixing many brands, types, and series, ranging from the earliest to the most recent versions. We have a large test facility where we can test with high and continuous power of up to 110 kW if necessary.

Testing frequency converters and soft starts implies:


  • Testing communication connections
  • Testing operator panels, if installed
  • Testing control inputs (digital and analogue)
  • Testing the control output (digital and analogue)
  • Testing at nominal power using a single test facility