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SSD high-voltage  power supply
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The ELIMINOSTAT SAT Series comprises a static-eliminating electrode, a high-voltage 
power supply, high voltage cables and a high-.
voltage branch box for connecting the system units.The safety device uses an extremely high-precision method that detects an over-current in the secondary high-voltage transformer circuit. If an abnormal current leakage is detected in the static-eliminating electrode or a high-voltage cable, the safety device cuts off the high-voltage power supply and displays an alarm.
Shielded cables are used for the high-voltage cables to reduce the generation of noise.
The SAT Series static eliminators are provided with a safety device that meets standards proscribed under the Product Liability Law.
This safety device incorporated in the SAT Series high-voltage power supplies is an over-current protector that cuts off the high-voltage power supply when an abnormal current is detected in the electrode or in the high-voltage cables