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6SE3215-8DB40 Siemens MicroMaster Vector AC Inverter Drive 3PH 40
AC inverter drive
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6SE3215-8DB40 Siemens MicroMaster Variable Speed Drive  3 phase 



The Siemens MicroMaster Vector series is a range of compact, frequency inverters designed for controlling the speed and torque of AC induction motors. They are commonly used in industrial applications to enable variable speed control of motor-driven systems.

The 6SE3215-8DB40, is capable of handling a power rating of 2.2 kW and operates on a 3-phase input voltage ranging from 400V to 500V. It is designed to provide precise control over motor speed and torque, allowing for energy-efficient operation and improved process control.


INPUT :400-500V   
 80 A      47-63Hz
OUTPUT:   90A    0-650 Hz 
motor: 3.00 HP /2200W
Filter included
Class 1 IP 20