Northern Power Electronics is a leading company in the field of industrial electronics. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, the company specializes in electronic engineering and the repair of industrial electronic equipment and devices. Their expertise includes repairs of drives, printed circuit boards (PCBs), PLCs, HMIs, power supply units (PSUs), test equipment, temperature controllers, and a wide range of other industrial controls. With their vast experience and knowledge, Northern Power Electronics is the go-to company for all your industrial repair needs.
npe engineer testing pcb board with multimeter

What we do?

Northern Power Electronics deals with a broad range of equipment and follows a consistent repair procedure across all of our industrial electronic services. From AC drives to circuit boards, we provide a wide range of industrial electronic equipment services.We rely on powerful diagnostic techniques and techniques to promptly discover the main cause of the problem and then fix it
Our skilled experts have been trained to repair a wide range of industrial electronics equipment from various brands and models. To ensure the accuracy and endurance of our repairs, we exclusively use high-quality replacement parts and components.
In addition to repair services, we provide preventive maintenance programmes to keep your equipment in optimal condition and save you downtime. To maintain maximum operation, our service programmes include frequent inspections and cleaning. Refurbishment or replacement may then continue indefinitely, and the end user is always satisfied. We also do sustainability reviews for any company, factory, or establishment that has electronics.
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Who We Are?

Northern Power Electronics has been providing exceptional electronic repair services in Newcastle and Northeast since 2020. Our commitment to minimizing manufacturing downtime and saving maintenance costs has helped us become a reliable and affordable alternative for purchasing new industrial equipment. Our team of skilled specialists, with more than 20 years of experience, is well-equipped to manage any project. We specialize in out-of-date technology and apply the latest techniques to fault finding, repair, load testing, and function testing of your equipment. With our comprehensive repair service, you can be assured of receiving fully repaired and tested equipment that meets your requirements.
We will not abandon you until you are completely satisfied with our repairs and service. As we replace both common failure components and out-of-tolerance components, every repair comes with a full 12- to 24-month in-service guarantee, subject to our policy.
Also, we provide 100% true load testing with custom-engineered test stands to make sure your electronic equipment fully works.